Please discreetly present me with the donation enclosed in a greeting card at the beginning of our time together. I do not discuss or negotiate my donations; this will end our time together. If you discover that you would like to extend your time with me, simply let me know and be prepared to amend the donation.


The Brief Encounter 1.0  hr 300
The Polite Introduction 1.5  hrs 400
The Romantic Interlude 2.0  hrs 500
The Impassioned Affair 3.5  hrs 700 **
Girl friend for the Day 1000 *
Girl friend for the Night 1500 *
Sensual Domination 1.5 hrs   400
2.0 hrs   500
*  50% deposit required when booking

** includes lunch or dinner
*** additional time 200/hour



If you are a gentleman who knows what he wants when he sees it, then don’t let distance stand in your way… I am available to travel to you. Let’s come up with something that works for both of us…


Gifts …


What lady does not enjoy receiving gifts?  They are never expected and always appreciated. If you choose to bring me a gift, I do have some things that I enjoy.  Seeing you is a gift in itself, thank you so very much for “choosing” me, but I have listed some of the things I do like:

~Giftcards: to nationwide chains if possible.

~NFL tickets to see the Washington Redskins play –  any city – Yes, I am a huge fan!

~Superbowl tickets.

~This is a big dream of mine: tickets to some of the major broadway plays in NYC.

~Some pampering time at any spa, but keep in mind it needs to be a location that is around the country.

~A Guided Fishing Trip – who knew this city girl would enjoy fishing.  Better yet: take me fishing! I am very girly when I hook one.

~Wine!   I love to try different types and enjoy wine tasting trips.

~Flowers – While cut flowers are great, planted flowers are awesome.

~Lingerie: I will gladly model something you purchase for me; however I am in between sizes and we might have to go shopping together to obtain items.


How I spend my time… 


I love reading and when driving, I always have an audio book on…it is a whole lot better than cruise control.

I enjoy cooking and entertaining guests. One of my favorite shows is Chopped.

My favorite drink is the cosmopolitan.  My worst ever Cosmo was made in Eagle Pass, Texas..my best is at Firewheel mall, Garland Texas.

I am really into my flower gardens;  real big on roses and lavenders and can’t stand the frogs, but the worms are my friends.  I have a green thumb..

Love fine food and the dining out experience, especially sushi.  I enjoy the atmosphere of sitting at the bar and engaging with the people around me at most places as much as the food.

I do enjoy the theatre and am working on the dinner theatre experience… especially murder mystery theatre.

I love dressing up and going dancing and love  surprise date nights.

My golf game always needs some improvement, so I practice when I can…

I love fishing –  yes you are reading that correctly.

I love watching football and I’m patiently waiting to see my first Washington Redskins LIVE. I go thru football withdrawal after the superbowl each year and am thankful for the NFL channel.